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Are you interested in booking a boudoir session? Well, you have come to the right page! Follow the step by step outline of Peyton Olivia’s booking process below to start your boudoir journey. Enjoy!

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Looking to Book a Spooky Boudoir Mini Session?
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1. Please fill out the form below if you are inquiring
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2. Peyton Olivia will give you a call, after reviewing your information, to set up a FREE in-person consultation.
During this consultation Peyton will:

  • Set up a 1 hour consultation with you, over coffee (on Peyton!), at a local coffee stop to see if you two are a perfect fit

  • Go over contracting, invoicing, products, privacy policies, and payment terms

  • Go over available dates and times for your session

  • Talk about the perfect attire for your session and where to find it

  • Talk about the full process of Peyton’s boudoir sessions from beginning to end

  • Figure out what boudoir session is right for you

  • Figure out what location is best for your boudoir session

  • Go over an questions or concerns you may have

  • Wrap up the 1 hour consultation & ask if you are ready to book a boudoir session!

3. After your consultation:

  • If you need time to think, Peyton will send you home with your contract to review.

  • When ready to book, Peyton will send you over a final Invoice and a 30% deposit must be placed immediately to hold your desired date, time, and session

  • Peyton will send you a receipt once deposit is placed

  • Final payment is due upon the date of your booked session