How would you describe your style?

My style has developed, over the last 10 years, into a professional and creative balance. My images are not too dark and not too bright either. I have a heavy background in wedding photography, portrait photography, and commercial photography which creates a style of it’s own; a style of craft, patience, observation, and experience. Take time to view my Boudoir Gallery for reference.

When would I book a Boudoir session?

You can book a boudoir session anytime you want! Boudoir session are usually booked around a specially occasion like an engagement or wedding day, anniversary, or birthday. People also like to book a boudoir session near a holiday especially Halloween (my favorite!), Christmas, or Valentines Day. I especially like to offer boudoir mini sessions during the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter). However, boudoir sessions can be booked any time of any day for what ever reason, or no reason, you have. Boudoir sessions are meant for you to gain a little more self-confidence, grow self-love, see your own beauty, and down right give yourself a little praise once in awhile. You deserve it!

How do I book a session with you?

Please visit my Booking Process page to learn more!

Where are you located?

Peyton Olivia is located within the countryside of Frederick County, Maryland in a small town called Middletown. She has a private Barn Loft Studio outside of Middletown she shares with her clients by request only. Sessions may be booked with your home, a private location, a rented studio space, or a location specific location of your choice such as The Barn Loft Studio

What is your experience/background?

Please visit Peyton Olivia’s About page for more information!

Do you ever do couples boudoir?

I do! Subscribe to my email list to find out when I am releasing my Couples Boudoir Mini.

Do you ever offer smaller sessions?

I do! Subscribe to my email list to find out when I am release a Boudoir Mini session!


How did you become a boudoir photographer?

In 2008, my focus in photography really changed when I started a personal project and photographed myself for 365 days to gain skill and embrace my artistic eye. By doing this I discovered vulnerability, self expression, and self awareness. However, I did not know there was a need for photography like this. In 2014, I went to Antonelli Institute of Photography where I was exposed to the term “boudoir”. I learned boudoir was a term in the photography industry used strictly for AFAB women. Boudoir is a place to express personal feminine qualities in a private, welcoming environment in order to grow self- love and self-confidence; My mission is to make boudoir available to women & anyone who identifies as femme.

What is your privacy policy?

View my Privacy Policy, here.
View my Full Privacy Agreement, here.

What are your prices like?

During your 1 hour consultation with me over coffee, I will go over my boudoir packages with you and we will see which package is perfect for you. My boudoir sessions range from $200.00-$1,000.00.

What do you offer with a boudoir session?

My sessions all offer something different. However, with every session, I offer 3 free social media images per hour of photography worked. For example, a 2 hour session will give you 6 free social media images! After your session you can order extra social media images, prints, or albums if they do not already come with your session.

Why do I only receive 3 images per hour?

When booking a session with Peyton Olivia Photography, you are solely booking photography coverage. Peyton Olivia gifts 3 social media images, to her clients, per hour of photography. This has its benefits because Peyton Olivia is able to offer lower rates to her clients up front.

What is a social media file?

These are images which cannot be printed. These images can be shared online but do not have a high enough quality to be printed. I do not offer print releases but I does offer a variety of print options you can order from!

Can I book you for other services such as Weddings, Engagements, Maternity, or Newborn?

Of course! I also have a heavy background in Commercial photography so yeah, hit me up for anything! I focus on Boudoir because that is where life has taken me and I am happy with that! However, if you want me to photograph any special moments in your life other than boudoir, YES OF COURSE I WILL DO IT! Just send me over a message via my Contact page and I’ll get in touch with you as soon as I can!
If you’re interested in my wedding photography, you can view my summary gallery here.

Can I order prints?

Yup! I will offer my Products and Pricing sheet to you during our 1 hour consultation that you can take home a review.

Can I order Albums?

Yup! I will offer my Products and Pricing sheet to you during our 1 hour consultation that you can take home a review.


How do I know your boudoir is right for me?

My boudoir sessions are for anyone who wants to express their personal feminine qualities in a private, welcoming environment where they can grow their self-love and self-confidence. This is one reason I have opened my doors to not just AFAB (assigned female at birth) women, but to anyone who identifies as femme (“a person who is feminine and falls somewhere within the LGBTQ spectrum'“) because anyone with femme qualities deserves a chance to feel beautiful in boudoir. If you want these things, without judgement & only love, I am the boudoir photographer for you and yes, boudoir is for you.

How do I prepare for a boudoir session?

Luckily for you, I send you home with homework after our 1 hour consultation! Not really homework, but specific Guides to help you prepare for your boudoir session with Peyton Olivia Photography.

Do you have a team of people you work with?

I work with a large group of creative individuals who help make Peyton Olivia Photography grow. However, we all represent our own industries, meaning they do not work for me directly. If you would like to work with my team, including” florist, hair stylist, make up artist, videographer, stylist, or graphic designer, please request more information during your 1 hour consultation with me for their booking information.

What if I never have done a boudoir session before?

That’s a-okay! Most clients I work with never have done a boudoir session before. There is a first time for everything and I am here to offer guidance during your entire boudoir journey.


Do you offer retouching?

All final images are hand edited by myself and some photoshop work is done such as removing disturbing objects, softening blemishes, and light smoothing. If you would like to have other retouching done, such as body shaping, airbrushing, etc., we can go over these details during your 1 hour consultation.

What if I have a specific idea in mind for my boudoir session?

Great! Let talk about it during your 1 hour consultation! Bring photos, inspiration, Pinterest boards, etc!

Can I order more digital images?

Yup! I will offer my Products and Pricing sheet to you during our 1 hour consultation that you can take home a review.

How do I know I am ready for a boudoir session?

If you got this far, you’re ready! Fill out my Booking Form here to get started on your boudoir journey!


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